Allied Logistics Corp.

Specialized in the retail market distribution and traffic management needs

As of today Allied Logistics has managed and implemented supply chain solutions for customers bringing cargo from as far as China and meet the expectations of customers like Sam’s, WalMart and Home Depot.


Allied Logistics provides logistics solutions for customers of all sizes, including many of the world's leading brands and corporations.

Transportation Management

Transportation Management

Allied Logistics possesses a ground freight transportation network with extensive coverage and high density.

  • Our core products include:
    • Line-haul
    • Distribution to Retail & Manufacturing
    • Guaranteed Delivery Dates
    • Cross dock Operations
    • Reverse Logistics
  • Additional Services:
    • Home Deliveries
    • Express Same Day Services
    • Dangerous Goods & Explosives Transportation

Warehousing - Inventory Management

Warehousing - Inventory Management

Allied Logistics warehousing solutions provide flexible, operational efficiency, robust inventory management and outstanding costumer service.

  • Storage - Rack and Floor Space
  • Trailers Loading / Unloading
  • Inventory Management Services
  • Order Entry
  • Pick & Pack Lines

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Allied Logistics serves as a seamless extension of your company, we can help your business to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Pre-Retail Activities
  • Repackaging
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Labeling
  • Pick & Pack Lines
  • Order Picking

Sales & Distribution

Sales & Distribution

Allied Logistics integrates the sales and distribution services to offering a complete logistics solution and maximize their clients retail success.

  • Sales
  • Assisted Sales
  • Promoters
  • Assembly
  • Installations
  • Merchandising
  • Call Report
  • Audits
  • Settings


What can Allied Logistics do for you?

Commitment to Services

Improved Cost Efficiency

With customized rate structures, direct routing and freight consolidation, we offer flexibility that can reduce your overall costs.

Streamlined Transit Time

With routes every day to all points of the island we can assure fast & reliable service tailored to your needs.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Direct routing to destination eliminates transfers and added handling, minimizing the risk of goods being damaged for over handling in transit.

Packing / Labeling

  • Repackaging
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Labeling
  • Pick & Pack


  • Manage Expedited Transportation
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Freight Consolidation

About Us

Our Mission

To deliver the highest value to our clients, with unparalleled transportation and logistics management solutions that are based on our advanced proven technologies and feature rich enterprise suite of applications, and professionally delivered with the breadth and depth of expertise harnessed by our employees. Allied Logistics Group customer care philosophy is the reason clients consistently choose us as their strategic business partner. Our clients continue to achieve the highest level of customer service, at the lowest possible operating costs, by leveraging the full power of information sharing with our customers.

Who is Allied Logistics ?

Allied Logistics has been created to provide specialized services, such as traffic management, transportation and warehousing, to the retail-consumer products industry. Today’s competitive market requires trimmed and cost efficient operations that can be passed to the final customer. At Allied we have the best resource, our people, with the experience and expertise necessary to provide your company with a total logistic solution.

Our Vision

Allied Logistics Group has been on an unrelenting pursuit of one vision: to be the dominant Supply Chain Management provider for mid to large size distribution operations. Today, Allied's management and strategic alliance with customers is bringing the highest level of customer service, at the lowest possible operating costs. Allied Logistics Corp. is the number one SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

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